In 1984 I joined IBM, along with a bunch of very fine individuals, in the recently-started PC business.  From '84 through to '88 or so it was a wild ride, creating a business that flamed to incandescent brilliance and then started to slip down the other side (eventually achieving dark star status).  In late 2004, IBM announced it was selling the PC business to Lenovo, and the separation was completed in 2Q 2005, completing a 21 year textbook story of business growth and decline.  Mark Durrant and Mike Boreham, from that original team, had the great idea of having a reunion this year  - and we finally got together in Basingstoke (where we all joined IBM in 83-84)  in November.  It was a splendid night, reliving old times, and meeting up again with a great bunch of people.  That day I had just taken delivery of  a specialist low-light camera (the Fuji FinePix F11 with 1600 ASA sensitivity,) so I was trying it out to take  pictures without flash in a Basingstoke pub, in a dim corner, on a winters night.  Some of them came out all right - and I hope those that were there can recognise themselves and others.  Many thanks to Mark and Mike - we should do it again.