It gets cold in NY in winter - and I am getting bald unfortunately.  So I started to get hats, scarves and gloves to keep  warm.  After a while I started to get interested in hats, and now have a fairly broad collection - which range in appearance from the sinister to the ludicrous (often both at the same time). 

Here is an example.   I will add more over time.

 I have hats from all sorts of locations and manufacturers, including the Rolls-Royce of hats - the Borsalino - a generous gift from a close friend .  Hats pose some difficulties in company - for example, what to do with one in a concert hall (I don't like to use cloakrooms).  A recent goal has been to find a crushable hat, that you can roll it up or sit on it, or have it accidentally sat on, without lasting damage.  I bought my first crushable, at enormous expense, at James Lock and Co, in St James St,  London.  This vendor opened for business 100 years before the US war of independence in 1676, and they know a fair amount about hats.   It is a wonderful shop and worth a visit.

A second potential source is the Village Hat shop which has many branches in California and has  a stupendous range of  headgear. 

My next challenge will be to find some place to store the ever increasing hat collection.  My preference is a line of 20-30 mannequin heads, each with its own hat (and possibly false moustache) but my wife is concerned about the macabre view this would create, and that fact that it would increase, rather than reduce the space occupied.