I have been on a continuous search for software to support what feeble talents I was born with.  Over the years I have bought and discarded an impressive array of gadgets, programs, books and other paraphernalia.  Some of them I've kept.  For what it's worth, here is a set of resources that may help you.  It contains my own favorite tools, and resource pages that I have tracked down on the web that lead to other, interesting areas.  One of these areas covers specialist  tools for encouraging creativity generally, that looks very promising.

Thinking and Creative resource sites

Products I use

I'll do more in this area some other time - but for what it's worth, the creativity tool I have settled on after much research, is Mindman.  This is a mindmapping application, very closely based on the work of Tony Buzan.  There are other applications that do mindmapping, but this one fits best with my corporate existence, as well as providing a basis for solving personal problems.  I use it for brainstorming, note-taking, goal setting, 'what ails you' analyses, and recently, even for project management.  In fact it's probably the most useful piece of code I work with right now.  More on this ater.